Project Details

Government Secondary School Television Kaduna, & Iroko Community Grammar School Ibadan, Nigeria - December 2019

We wrapped up two successful projects in Nigeria again! On November 22 and 25th, 2019, Iroko Community Grammar School (ICGS) in Ibadan, Oyo State and Government Secondary School (GSS) Television in Kaduna, were the beneficiaries of VHF’s Computer and Internet connectivity donations. The students in ICGS Ibadan and GSS Television have never had access to computers with Internet connectivity at their school. The use of technology for communication, research and teaching purposes were missing. There was no way for teachers to communicate with parents via email or vice versa. Technology is limited to most lower income families and is non-existent at either schools. Students can only rely on their under-resourced library to assist them with writing their research papers. Access to technology infrastructure is essential to learning and development of young boys and girls for the global workforce.