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VHF in Montego Bay, Jamaica 2018

We are pleased to say that we have successfully completed yet another VHF project to Advance Education through Technology! Every year as part of our partnership commitments with Atlanta Montego Sister Cities, VHF embarks on projects in the Philippines and Jamaica. We were in the Philippines earlier in July, 2018. We just returned from Jamaica last month, October 12. The beneficiaries of our donations were St James High School Montego Bay, and Ashton All Age Westmoreland, Jamaica. St James High received a projector donation, while Ashton All Age received five computers loaded with Office suite 2016, Adobe and anti-virus software. Internet subscription for Ashton is on the way.

The students and staff of both schools received their donations with the utmost gratitude and appreciation! St James High school went as far as treating our team to a delicious Jamaican cuisine, and in addition presented me with a gift of the school’s personalized mug and pin. We had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Barbara Cunningham (IT instructor), and Mr. Joseph Williams (Principal), and discussed ongoing technology needs of the school.

Equally, the Principal of Ashton All Age Westmoreland expressed her appreciation for the five computer donation and Internet subscription. Before VHF’s computer donation to Ashton All Age, the students did not have any access to computers or Internet. VHF donation will be used to improve teaching and learning and help our students be successful. Education doesn’t stop at the end of the school day because students have access to teachers, resources, and assignments via the web and access these resources at any time. With the projector donation, rather than writing notes across a board, teachers can make use of PowerPoint presentations, images and even film as teaching tools. Consequently, teachers and students alike find projectors to be useful classroom devices. Prior to the use of projectors in the classroom, teachers had to spend time writing notes on the board, as well as erasing information due to limited space. Projectors facilitate the planning process so teachers can decide on lecture content and important points ahead of time instead of making decisions spontaneously.

We will like to take this opportunity to thank our donors and supporters for their generosity. Your support means the world to us! Because of you we can continue our mission to Advance Education through Technology globally.

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