Project Details

Guyana, February 2015

VHF visited the Huis’T Dieren Primary School in Essequibo Coast, Guyana South America and donated computers and Internet access. Upon arrival, our team was welcomed with open arms by the Principal, staff and students of the school. We received a tour of the facilities, and had an inspiring welcome program full of speeches, poems and performances. It made us excited and humbled to be able to bring educational tools to these exceptional and bright students. With the computers donated from VHF, these students, who already have a solid foundation, will further their talents and education. “We are so honored and privileged to play a role in their educational development”
-Macfarlane Okonta, President Victoria House Foundation.
“Mr MacFarlane Okonta, look what you have made possible. I teach practically any subject in this IT lab. Subject integration is vital in the learning process…”
-Martin Samaroo, teacher at Huis’T Dieren Elementary School Essequibo Coast, Guyana.

”Thanks a million to Victoria House Foundation. Our school is the most fortunate one in Guyana which has benefited from this organization. Our kids are making ample use of information technology. Cheers to Mr MacFarlane Okonta.”
-Waneta Hunt, Teacher at Huis’T Dieren Elementary School Essequibo Coast, Guyana.