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Mwanamangala, Zambia July 2017

T​hanks to all our donors, and sponsors whose continuous support has made it possible for us to provide technology access to schools in developing countries, and the inner cities. Once again, your donations have allowed us to provide computers and Internet connectivity to another school, the Mwanamangala Primary School in Mazabuka, Zambia. As you know, Advancing Education through Technology is our mission and your support has been invaluable in making this possible.

VHF adopted the Mwanamangala Primary School with the goal of supporting the construction of new classrooms, Library and a computer lab. Like many schools in developing countries, the children in Mazabuka live in a marginalized sector of their society; with little access to quality education due to tremendous obstacles they face including extreme poverty, limited resources and poor infrastructure, all factors that make quality education out of reach. VHF believes strongly that all children must have every opportunity to survive and thrive in their learning.

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