Gideon Okonrende

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
  • Skills :
    Project Management

About Me

Gideon Oladipo Okonrende is the Chief Technology Officer of the Victoria House Foundation (VHF). Gideon has always believed in the power of technology as a key tool to innovation and success for the future generation. Gideon has worked as a change management consultant, helping organizations develop a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations (Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Non-Profit) to adapt to the people side of change using ADKAR model. Focusing on the first two building block of the ADKAR model (Awareness and Desire), Gideon helps organizations understand that yet achieving these seemingly simple building blocks is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, some of the greatest challenges for change management professionals lie within these first two elements of the ADKAR model. In addition to being a Change management consultant, Gideon is also a Certified Project Manager. Gideon possesses a couple of project management certifications (Masters in Project Management MPM & Project Management Professional PMP). Gideon has managed a few projects ranging from application, infrastructure, software installation and upgrades, methodology revamp, business implementation projects, etc. Gideon has multiple degrees; a bachelor of science in information technology from the University of Phoenix, and bachelors of business administration from New Paltz University. Gideon is married to Bose Okonrende who is also a certified Project Manager and currently works as a Program Director. They are blessed with two girls (Oreofeoluwa & Temidara Okonrende) and resides in Ohio.

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